Willy Wonka & Instant Gratification

Willy Wonka & Instant Gratification

The Knock

I was in one of our delivery trucks the other day and a person knocked on the door and asked me to roll down the window. I was a bit hesitant as it’s a bit uncommon for someone to knock on a truck door. I rolled down the window a crack and smiled and asked how I could help.

“You’re Door to Door Dental, right?” the gentleman said.

“Yes, is there something that I can help you with?” I responded.

“Can you come to my house tonight? I’ve had a toothache all morning and just moved to the area…I don’t have a dentist.” The man pleaded with me.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, was it a joke? Clearly, we sell dental supplies, right? I mean, maybe we aren’t doing a good job with marketing. Then is dawned on me, it wasn’t as much about the truck housing a dentist in the back as it was about instant gratification. The man didn’t want to check into the many qualified dentists in the area, he simply wanted the problem fixed.

Willy Wonka??

Have we become a society of Veruca Salt’s?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Charlie_and_the_Chocolate_Factory_characters#Veruca_Salt (For those that aren’t familiar)

My quest to find the answer continued. When in doubt, ask a five-year-old. So, I asked my neighbor. I posed the question, would she rather have a piece of average (I used the term- “OK”) candy today or the best piece of candy that she’s ever had tomorrow. She didn’t miss a beat, smiled and said,

“Both, I’d like one now and then another one tomorrow. You see, I’ll get used to the taste of the candy and will dream about it at night, so I’ll get a stomach ache if I don’t have one tomorrow.”

While I didn’t follow the stomach ache part of it, I took it to mean that she’d get used to everything good that comes with the taste. I thanked her and then pondered the answer a bit longer. I have to admit, the more that I thought about it, the more I was impressed with the maturity of her answer.

What Counts?

So, after speaking with the stranger at the truck, having a discussion with my neighbor and thinking a lot about my interactions, I’ve come to a conclusion.

People are not only looking for instant gratification, but they are looking for a partner that they can count on. Whether it is a dentist in the back of a truck or a chocolate bar- partnership is what counts. We understand the value of partnerships. As such, Door To Door Dental partners with dentists all over America to bring them tremendous savings on the items they use most.

Door to Door Dental is a leading supplier of just in time disposable dental supplies and patient setup-infection control kits.   DTD offers customers over 250 of the most commonly used items from national brands at 20%-40% below many major national providers.




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