Seems to be just a bit off

Seems to be just a bit off

I love trail mix! I like it better when I can make my own mix. A few almonds, a handful of raisins, maybe a pinch of chocolate candies. Whatever I want, it’s in there. There’s something to be said for building my own snack. There are a few supermarkets near me that have a trail mix bar. Whoever thought of the bar should be in the Food Industry Hall of Fame. There is in fact a Hall of Fame, I looked it up, and it’s near me! ( Similar to an olive bar or salad bar, simply add what you want. Me, I’m a salty and sweet guy, so I head for the nuts and sweets. Typically, equal parts, one can’t be over powering. Admittedly, I stay away from the spicy snacks, I feel that they throw off the balance of the snack. It’s my snack, so I’m going to have it the way I want it. Burger King had it right, I can Have it my way.

Besides the trail mix bar, how often do we get to have the items we purchase, exactly the way we want them? The pants I order are always ½” too long, they drag on the ground and are frayed within two months. In this day and age, we can get things close, but exact is tough. I wouldn’t mind ordering a sushi roll with 7 rolls in it vs. 6 or 8. Who wouldn’t want to be able to purchase a sofa that was built exactly to specifications? I’ve been looking for a Sofa with my wife for the last two weekends and I can say, that without any question, I would. The ones that we looked at were just a bit too big or small or deep or shallow.

Not just the Sofas

It seems that medical professionals have been running into the same problems for years. In the fast-paced world of medicine, waste is a monumental problem. published a report “The National Academy of Medicine…estimated the U.S. health care system squandered $765 billion a year, more than the entire budget of the Department of Defense.” More than DoD!

It’s time to get a handle on the trash and what happens to it.

Door to Door Dental is well on the way to solving the waste problem.
Door to Door Dental, a leading provider of patient set-up kits has been partnering with offices and institutions to produce millions of custom patient set-up kits each year for well over a decade. The kits can include:

  • Keyboard covers
  • Masks
  • Cotton rolls
  • Gauze or hundreds of other items, it’s your choice.

These kits are packed in a clean room with the exact amount and type of product that an office needs. The kits keep your office running smoothly, efficiently, cleanly AND significantly cut down on waste. You decide what you want in a kit and Door to Door Dental creates the kits, just for you. No more buying extra product just to get what you want. Think of the patient set-up kit as your trail mix bar.

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