Door to Door Dental Prophy Kit (100 kits / case)


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This pre-packaged and ready to use Dental Prophy Kit contains;

  • (1)  polishing angle (soft or firm)
  • (1)  paste (coarse or medium)
  • (1)  saliva ejector,
  • (1)  bib and bib holder
  • (1)  single use floss package
  • (2)  2″ x 2″ non-woven gauze

in a sealed plastic bag for ‘grab and go’ convenience.

In packages of 100 kits per case this kit reduces storage space needed compared to you stocking the components separately, and saves time monitoring the separate component inventory levels. Your overhead is also reduced if you purchase these pre-packaged kits verses buying the components separately and assembling them your self.  The time savings found between reduced inventory monitoring and set-up can possibly allow additional patients to be seen.

Further benefits in the areas of infection control and waste management accrue as the kits are ‘single use’ reducing the risk of cross contamination between patients as well as reducing waste by not having to dispose of unused excess items laid out during an appointment set-up.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in

Coarse, Medium

Angle Cup

Firm, Soft


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