The cookie, our partner and time machine

Door to Door Dental gives milano cookies to customers, find out why…

The cookie, our partner and time machine

Why Cookies?

My kids asked me the other day why we give cookies to our customers with their orders when we are working with dental offices. I guess it makes sense when you think about, cookies have sugar and sugar causes tooth decay. Why would a dental office eat cookies? Cookies are different, it’s not like having candy, or soda. Cookies bring us to an easier time. Who doesn’t think longingly of having a cookie and a glass of milk on a snowy day when they were kids? The cookie represents a simpler time. We weren’t caught up with spreadsheets or balancing our P & L statements as we are today, we were having fun and being good to each other.

About Milano Cookies…

Pepperidge Farm, the maker of the Milano, the cookie of choice for Door to Door Dental, was founded in 1937 by Margert Rudkin. In 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered, Shirley Temple was dazzling the big screen, HIPAA wasn’t going to be enacted for nearly 60 more years. Times were easier. People helped to bring groceries to your car. Person to person communication was the expectation, not the exception and service was the most important aspect of any business.

The cookie reaction

We’ve been giving packs of Milano cookies to customers for over a decade and it’s amazing how their faces light up when we place the 6 oz. packs on their desks. It’s as if we’re loading up their car for them with newly purchased groceries. People tell us that they look forward to sharing the cookies in the lunch room with their colleagues and having a chat.

In Conclussion

I wonder if people look at the pack of Milano cookies and think less about what is in the cookie, sugar, flour, etc. and think about how the cookie makes them feel. So, I guess the next time my kids ask me why we give out cookies to dental offices, my answer is pretty simple. We’re a service company, first and foremost.

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