Seems to be just a bit off

I love trail mix! I like it better when I can make my own mix. A few almonds, a handful of raisins, maybe a pinch of chocolate candies. Whatever I want, it’s in there. There’s something to be said for building my own snack. There are a few supermarkets near me that have a trail mix bar. Whoever thought of the bar should be in the Food Industry Hall of Fame. There is in fact a Hall of Fame,...

Door to Door Dental gives milano cookies to customers, find out why…

The cookie, our partner and time machine

Why Cookies? My kids asked me the other day why we give cookies to our customers with their orders when we are working with dental offices. I guess it makes sense when you think about, cookies have sugar and sugar causes tooth decay. Why would a dental office eat cookies? Cookies are different, it’s not like having candy, or soda. Cookies bring us to an easier time. Who doesn’t think longingly of having a cookie and a glass of milk...

I’m A Dentist. We Have To Talk About Flossing

By now, everyone has read or heard about the Associated Press article throwing shade at flossing. To summarize: Last year, the AP, under the Freedom of Information Act, asked the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture to provide the publication with evidence that flossing works. When the flossing recommendation was removed from this year’s federal dietary guidelines, the AP figured they were on to something, so they decided to take a look at the available research.

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