Door To Door DentalDoor to Door Dental is a leading supplier of just in time disposable dental supplies and patient setup-infection control kits.   DTD offers customers over 250 of the most commonly used items from national brands at 20%-40% below many major national providers.

Headquartered outside of Boston, Door to Door services and delivers to customers within Metro-Boston via a mobile warehouses.  All customers outside the delivery area are supported via UPS delivery.



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Door to Door is a concierge company for dental disposables. They go out of their way to assure that you have what you need, when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you run out or forget to order, they get you the order and figure out the details later. We have known Eric to come to our office after work or before the doors open to bring something we need. Whenever we place a call to them, we are greeted with a friendly voice wanting to help. For over six years Door to Door has consistently kept our cost down and delivered great customer service.

Dental Partners

Dental Partners, Boston MA

Finally, a company I can trust.   Door to Door Dental provides great service, fair prices, and they don’t try to raise the prices when I’m not looking. They fill a niche in the dental supply industry, that’s pure genius.

Dr. Brendan McLaughlin

Dr. Brendan McLaughlinDentPlant, Somerville, MA

We’ve worked with Door to Door Dental from the very beginning and have never had an issue with this wonderful company.  We truly love Door to Door Dental and don’t know what we would do without them.  They’re a huge part of our growing practice.

Dr. Patricia L. Carolan, Quincy, MA

I’ve been purchasing supplies from Door to Door Dental for two years. From the beginning, I have been very impressed with their service. They have always handled my orders professionally, accurately and reliably. Furthermore, they’re local, which means I can get my supplies very quickly. Best of all, their prices are great. I’m very happy to work with Door to Door Dental.

Dr. Harry ChungStoughton Family and Adams Family Dental, Stoughton, MA